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We make your business measurable and efficient
Our projects
  • conversion into sales;
  • return of investment (ROI) into advertisement;
  • customer acquisition cost;
  • efficiency of tendering;
  • operational results of business partners and dealers.

We adjust CRM

We will adjust your CRM system so that your salesmen will run the clients to the sales contracts otherwise it will be clear why people refuse to buy and at what stage you lose your clients.

CRM keeps records on all the sales and deals and sales managers make records relating to any contact and set notifications - now no client can compain you don’t call him back.

CRM is available on any device provided with access to the Internet, either from a pad or a compact screen smartpfone. To provide safety we use distributed systems: if a data center in one location will fail we will restore all the data from a copy so you are most likely stay ignorant of the failure.

After launch and adjustment of the system you can appraise the performance of each sales manager and see who is work-shy.

You can manage the system from any device

10 000
got in the web site
1 000
spent more than a minute on the web site
left an application
or added a product
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CRM is a web service which keeps all the information on clients and deals. You may use CRM to make deals, attract leads and track every measurable performance.

Why keep CRM?

  • All your clients’ contacts are in one place and are not any more written on random sticky notes on your salesmen’s workplaces.
  • Summary of all the clickthorughs from your web site and detailed report on replies in a convenient format.
  • Phone call are registered in the CRM system, where the conversation recordings can be kept as well.
  • The system traces every promotional channel and reports which one is efficient.
  • CRM helps to assess the performance of your sales department.
We can deal with any CRM-system including those made in-house. However, products of “Bitrix 24”, “Amo CRM” and “Terrasoft” are most frequent

We automatize marketing

From now on no one of your clients gets lost. We will heighten the leads’ interest in your services and pass the ready client to the sales department.

We keep the scoring system for each client and watch his actions even out of your web site: we follow him on social networks and external sites, smoothly direct him to the landing page and get his registration data. The further matter depends on the sales department.

We measure the convertion on each stage of communication with a client and analyze it from each point of view so that you know everything about your customers. If needed we fish the information out of the social networks “VKontakte” and “Facebook” so that you may learn more of your clients’ interests and needs.

After the CRM integration you will get the amalytics on all the marketing channels from contextual advertizing to SMM and mailouts.

We check every channel and make it measurable

We use Google Analytics, “Yandex.Metrika”, Mailchimp, Unisender, SmsAero or any other service preferred by the client.

Using the UTM-marks we may track the efficiency of each channel up to the promoting results of a specific key word or command. We measure the return from every action of the marketing department in order to minimize the advertizing costs and to encrease effectiveness.

We access the call-center performance by assigning separate phone numbers to every operator through IP telephony.

We adjust the analytics and you appraise the marketing specialists and subcontractors because the CRM always shows who is more efficient.

We implement any supervision or automation system.
We gather all the information in one place in a convenient
form. Everything from the yardmen’s shift plan to the
warehouses production safety verification scheme.
We automate the donkey work and free your staff: the tasks which used to take
lots of time can be completed now with the click of a button with making
records in the database right on the spot. Your staff is now free
for creative tasks which are beyond the capacity of a machine.
To arrage the intagration we need only the API or the database
which will be shown on the web site right away.

We work as a subcontractor to integrate and adjust systems

If you need an IP telephony, development of a targeted advertizing campaign, SEO, sales department establishent or design we can gladly recommend trusted service providers, control their perfomance on resolving your problems and bear responsibility for the results of their actions.

If you still write down your clients' contacts to your notebook, we are glad to rescue you.

We will make a good team

  • you are a company which makes sales through a wide variety of channels but not only via cold calls;
  • you are ready to grow and invest in you development;
  • you trust in numbers and want to manage your company based on the measurable indexes.

We make an ideal match

  • with medical centers
  • with wholesale distributors
  • with large production plants

We have to decline your apply

  • you are a start-up;
  • you are a government-owned company or financed from the municipal budget;
  • you are sure that this will not work on you;
  • you don’t want to make a sales department.
We lay some conditions on our future partners including the following: you have a marketing or a sales department, and you can find a place in your office to house a fluffy shark that we will grant you with.
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